About Us

Since our formation, being innovative in technology and ground breaking in our processes has always been pursued with one goal in mind: the best possible customer experience.

Stream’s reputation is built on its success in resolving all kinds of insured losses and catastrophe claims for you, our partners, through customer focussed solutions unique to our industry. Experience in resolving your significant losses drives our philosophy to achieve exceptional loss adjusting, assessment, claims service, supply chain and fulfilment outcomes.

With an expanding global reach including Australia, United Kingdom and the Philippines, Stream has the experience, coverage and resources to offer scalable customised claims service solutions.

What makes our people different?

What you want is highly skilled, dedicated and resourceful people experienced in their fields, able to provide outstanding customer service. In addition to that, all our people have one common trait: where others see the way it’s been done, Stream people are always looking for a better way – then making it happen.

We empower and develop our people within a culture of excellence, innovation and solid execution. Our people are synonymous with quality.

Expanding Global Reach


Stream headquarters are in Brisbane with 9+ locations nationally

United Kingdom

Offices in London, Manchester, Croydon, Milton Keynes & Newport


Support office