Stream helps those affected by Cyclone Marcia

Cyclone Marcia Image

Helping Insured’s get back on their feet.

With the devastation of Cyclone Marcia still being felt in Queensland’s central coast areas of Rockhampton and Yeppoon and their surrounding population, Stream Claims Services has been actively working with communities and their Insurer’s to resolve claims quickly.

Chief Operating Officer for Stream Claims Services Australia, Jim Jobson says, “We have already processed and finalised thousands of Cyclone Marcia claims placing our client’s customers back on their feet.”

“As a global business, with offices in the UK we have the luxury of upscaling immediately to address capacity requirements wherever and whenever the event occurs,” Jim Jobson says, “Our innovative systems, that our supply chain use every day, are well suited to catastrophe claims, so there are no real implementation changes required for our suppliers.”

“They don’t have to learn new processes and procedures on the run and can focus on what really matters: reducing the loss and providing the best customer service and claims experience, which ultimately wins customer satisfaction for our clients and reduces their claim spend.” Mr Jobson Says, “Not many in the industry can claim they actually reduce costs during a catastrophic event but it is our speciality and are very proud of that fact.”

The Insurance Council of Australia Reports that insurance losses for the event has passed $400 million and reached nearly 30,000 claims involving property and vehicle damage as well as complex business and business interruption claims.