Counter Fraud Investigation Services

Fraud is an ever growing and changing risk to the business of every Insurer in the UK and can appear at any stage in the life cycle of a claim. Recent industry figures suggest that the value of detected fraud exceeded £1 Billion annually with undetected fraud believed to be twice that sum. Here at Stream we bring together expert knowledge and innovation to provide a robust defence against the financial impact of fraud to our client partners.

Too often within this sector, service to the customer suffers when the need for investigation presents itself. Here at Stream we have taken a fresh approach and the customer’s experience is at the forefront of what we do. One of our goals is to identify genuine customers at the earliest opportunity and provide insurers with the confidence to settle their claims promptly. However, regardless of what evidence of possible impropriety we unearth, keeping sight of the fact that we are dealing with a customer is central to everything we do. The latest technology is used to help keep both the customer and client regularly appraised as to the up to date position and our claims consultants adopt a transparent and professional approach at all times.

How does it work?

We seek to work with our client partners from the outset in order to offer an absolutely bespoke way of investigating potentially fraudulent claims. The claims professionals within your organisations may require anything from a ‘know your customer’ report, to the testing of a specific document, all the way up to a full investigation including collaboration with public agencies and forensic experts. The key to our approach is that our professional fee does not include anything that is over and above what you actually need. We see it as integral to a successful collaboration that our offering extends to more than our expertise within individual claims. Stream can offer fraud awareness consultancy at all levels within your organisation as well as fraud risk analysis/triage service.

What makes us different?

  • Dedicated and Qualified Counter Fraud Investigation Team
  • Fraud Triage, Desktop and Field Investigation across all product lines
  • Intelligence led investigation
  • Advanced Interviewing Capability
  • Adept in collection, continuity and presentation of evidence
  • Fraud Risk Consultancy and specialised training services
  • Forensic Accountancy and Document Analysis
  • Bespoke Return on Investment and Management Information

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Garry Slater

Head of Counter Fraud

Garry heads up the dedicated fraud investigation unit and has over 25 years of property, liability and fraud investigation experience. Specialising and holding senior positions in the Fraud arena for over 15 years, Garry has insurance, investigative and management qualifications and has worked in and investigated all classes of insurance claims. Garry sits on the CILA Anti-Fraud Committee, is an active member of the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), the Insurance Fraud Investigators Group (IFIG), the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) and the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). Garry has written/delivered various fraud training packages for several major Insurers. Garry passionately believes that fraud investigation can be completed whilst treating the customer fairly.

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