Stream’s environmental claims are overseen by our expert team working closely with selected remediation experts. We recognise fast response and decision making is key to loss mitigation.


Our expertise and decision making ensure losses are minimise in terms of cost and disruption for the customer. In this way the environmental and financial impacts are controlled and swiftly resolved.

Core services

  • Loss adjusting services
  • Building surveying services
  • Expert remediation supply management

How it works?

Our industry expert overseas and triages each claim to ensure the right Stream expert and remediation company are deployed to the loss. The complexity of the losses are agreed to a project plan and we drive the actions to ensure swift and cost effective resolution.

Areas of differentiation

  • Industry expert triages and oversees each claim
  • Experts deployed on each claim include adjusters and surveyors
  • Pre-selected remediation experts with areas of expertise
  • Supply solutions designed for the market

Get in touch

Neil Bradley

Northern Liability Manager

M: +44 782 481 8488   E: neil.bradley@streamcs.co.uk

Neil joined Stream in April 2014 as a key member of the Liability team. Neil has extensive experience in adjusting and particularly Liability claims.

Neil is focussed on delivery of Stream’s market leading Liability adjusting service.

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