High Net Worth

Stream’s high net worth claims team know how to behave with high net worth customers and ensure the highest standards of service to ensure the quick settlement of their claim. Our people offer discretion, technical competence and the ability to deal with the high expectations of our customers.


Stream employ a high calibre team to ensure the best service and settlement at a cost which is reasonable. The communication with customers, their representatives and their brokers is tailored to each loss and the degree of involvement required.

Core services

A high quality claims service offering

  • Third Party Administrator (TPA) management
  • Loss adjusting

How it works?

Our team deal with the claim in a quick and discreet manner to ensure the claim is resolved. The team are selected for their communication and empathy and trained to ensure they are technically confident to settle large and complex claims without issue.

Areas of differentiation

  • Dedicated team to each client
  • First class communication and empathetic skills in our loss adjusters
  • High calibre office support to ensure continuous progression of the claim and answering queries
  • Technology which flexes to client requirements

Get in touch

Nigel Stothard

Business Development Manager

M: +44 786 730 7067